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Cas – the drink for all seasons

A delicious drink is on its way — cas!

If you have never tried cas, you are missing out on a treat.  The taste is hard to describe.  It’s sort of like grapefruit and lemon, but not as sour.  Cas (cases?) grow on small trees and are used to make a refreshing “refresco natural.”  The mature fruit is about the size of a plum and can be lime green, yellow and blotchy brown.  To make a drink, boil about 4 or 5 ripe cas for a few minutes.  (Ever since I noticed fruit flies depositing eggs in the cas in my backyard, I have boiled them before blending them.  I’ve never asked at a soda if they do the same thing.  I don’t want to know.)  After you’ve boiled them awhile, drain the water off and throw them into a blender with some water and ice.  When they are blended, strain the liquid into a pitcher and add some more water — so you end up with about a quart of liquid.  Add a little sugar to taste, but not a lot.  If cas gets real sweet, it isn’t as refreshing.  Fresh cas can be frozen without compromising the flavor so you can enjoy it all year long.  The next time you are in a soda, ask for cas.  Try it, you might like it!  (Here’s a home with its very own cas tree.)