Costa Rica real estate ….. bargains!

At the moment, it’s a buyer’s market in Costa Rica; it is a great time to take advantage of the opportunities in real estate.  Although many properties have not dropped in price, most sellers are quite willing to negotiate.  Some even offer short term financing as an incentive to buyers.  

If you have been toying with the idea of investing in property or buying a home in Costa Rica, check out these listings that have been greatly reduced in price.  If the dream of living the good life in Costa Rica has ever flitted through your head, maybe one of these “deals” will make your dream a reality.  (P.S.  If you are from the US, health care in Costa Rica is excellent AND very affordable.)


9 responses to “Costa Rica real estate ….. bargains!

  1. I am moving to Heredia to teach in January at Golden Valley School. Would you help me find a beautiful house to rent with a pool. I am a single mom with 2 small children. My older daughter is also coming with me in January. We want a house that is built for the area. We don’t want to have a home that is like a house in the usa. I want kids around so my kids will have someone to play with… Thank you for your help.

  2. You´ve got some great buys on this page! very interesting. have you seen our property for sale? Check out:

    Good luck!

  3. Hello,

    I would love to talk to you more about your pending adventure in Costa Rica especially working at the Golden Valley School.

  4. Excuse me for commenting Off-Topic but which wordpress theme do you use? It looks awesome.

  5. If anybody happens to be looking for a fairly large piece of land – 14 acres – to buy in a prime location – Heredia mountains – please contact me.
    For more information please visit my website.

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