What is with these ANTS? HELP!!!

Flip flop ready to attack.
Flip flop ready to attack.

Is anyone else bothered by invasions of weak coffee colored ants at night?  They are going to drive me over the edge!!!  As I sit at the computer working, it’s as if they’ve signed a pact to harass me.  How can they suddenly appear out of nowhere?  I’ve crawled on the floor and stared at the wall behind my desk, hoping to see them emerge from somewhere, but they must have scouts that alert them of my presence.  None appear.  The minute I take my seat again, one will go up the wall by the monitor.  How can they appear out of thin air?  My solution — admittedly not a good one — is to have a flip flop handy and smash any and all that I can and then sweep up the bodies in the morning.  These are the type of ant that destroyed my photo copier and took up residence in the microwave (turning it on didn’t seem to eliminate them), clock radio (which came on in the middle of the night thanks to the pressure of the ants, their nest and their rice-like eggs — agh!), printer and pen holder (which wasn’t even warmed by an electric current!).  Living with the unkown is maddening.  WHERE IS THEIR NEST?  WHAT ARE THEY DESTROYING?

Any suggestions as to how to get rid of these destructive pests would be greatly appreciated.


7 responses to “What is with these ANTS? HELP!!!

  1. This post cracks me up! I’m surprised an ant isn’t crawling across my monitor as I type this. The ants drive me bonkers. I don’t step on bugs, I prefer to escort them out of the house, but I’ve had it with the ants. They have driven me to kill and I, too, have a flip flop standing by ready to strike. They come out at night in the kitchen and climb the walls.
    The little itty bitty ones are ready to attack any crumb that happens to fall. They even try to “drink” abandoned glasses of juice or Coke.
    In the two years that you posted this, have you found a solution?

    • NO solution! The frustration and madness continue so I am ever vigilant. Fortunately (knock on wood), they haven’t attacked any major electrical devices since destroying the printer.
      The little bitty ants are another issue completely. They must be invisible and in the air, ready to pounce when the least little bit of crumb (or cat food) lands on the floor. Suddenly the tidbit is surrounded by little black munchers. I don’t mind these ants because all they want to do is eat. The others are out to destroy anything electrical!

  2. I can’t believe I found some others with shared misery! I now know what the Egyptians must have felt like amid the plague of insects, thousands of years ago. Am I suffering for sins too, or what? These constant barrages of teeny ants keep materializing literally out of thin air surrounding my kitchen sink. I have the same experience you had, namely, I go on a swatting & swiping rampage. After which I stand there like a bump on log waiting to see where they come from. Then suddenly, I see one or another mini ant popping up on the counter near the sink. NO, not from under a cup or detergent bottle, but rather on a previously empty stretch of counter! I sprayed humongous amounts of citronella, but its as if they are paranormal in the respect that the usual stuff does not cramp their act. Are they SUPERBUGS or what? I’m getting the creeps!

  3. Having the same experience. Mine are odorous house ants. When crushed they smell like rotten coconuts. They are appearing out of thin air. They seem to like my computer desks at night. And I will find them crawling on my hands or arms or legs if bare. I am also finding little black bits on the desks. I wipe them up with a cotton ball and they also appear out of thin air, just like the ants. At this point, only a few of us seem to be aware of this phenomenon. I will be looking forward to how this works. They seem to have transporter abilities. I see no other explanation. If this is the case, I don’t see how spraying the outside of the house with Taurus SC is going to affect the situation.

    • I’ve recently read that if you kill an ant, it sends off an odor that attracts more ants — a vicious cycle! I can understand your frustration and wish I knew what you could do to end your ant problem. Good luck!

  4. I can’t believe there are fellows who experience ‘out of thin air’ ants like me. I literally stared at the open space on the floor after wiping them all out with soap water and then waited. If I turned my head for a second, an ant or two or ten will suddenly appear. It’s open space so they couldn’t come up from crack. Then!!! Then, I witnessed one ant just appeared a couple inches in the air above the floor then dropped off on the floor. I’m serious. No kidding. I tried googling ants from another dimension but people seem to think, they are from food scraps, whatever logical. But these creepy ants literally appeared from thin air.

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