Thomas L. Friedman NY Times Op-ed

In his editorial today in the NY Times, Thomas Friedman applauded Costa Rica’s commitment to protecting the environment.  Although he may have been subjected to a bit of propaganda during his recent visit, Costa Rica has been making more concerted efforts to reverse and impede destruction of the environment, particularly at the beaches.  It appears that the government is working to improve its monitoring and enforcement of land use restrictions.  Hotels have been given warnings or been closed due to improper sewage treatment.  Structures illegally built or without proper permits have been removed.  It’s about time!  Hopefully, this trend will continue and the country’s precious eco-system will be preserved.  Costa Rica’s beauty, flora and fauna are unparalleled and should be carefully guarded.

Here’s a link to Mr.  Friedman’s article:

(Unfortunately, I must have been out when Mr. Friedman called to drop by for coffee.  Rats!  Maybe next time.  I seem to miss Mel Gibson’s calls when he’s here, too.)


One response to “Thomas L. Friedman NY Times Op-ed

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed your post. It’s nice to see someone writing something worth reading.

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