Granadilla (passion fruit) season is upon us!

Slurpy fruit ... delicious!

Slurpy fruit ... delicious!

Granadillas are about the size of a lemon and, when ripe, have a crisp, orangey yellowish shell. By pressing a fingernail all around the middle of the outside, you can easily break the shell into two pieces.  Each piece will be filled to bursting with ripe seeds surrounded by a mucilaginous liquid. (Warning: Don’t conjure up other images at this point or you won’t want to proceed.) You can voraciously slurp the seeds straight from the shells or delicately spoon them out. Either way, they are a delicious, tasty treat.


11 responses to “Granadilla (passion fruit) season is upon us!

  1. Hello,

    We adopted the three most amazing kids last November from Colombia. They loved granadilla while we were there and I would love to find some for them in the US. Any idea?

    • I have never seen them in the US, but when I lived there, I wasn’t looking for them. I can understand your kids liking and probably missing them (Congrats on your new children!). I discovered a similar fruit growing on the passion vine in my backyard, but I think I picked it before it was fully ripe. It was filled with juicy seeds, just like granadilla. The taste wasn’t as sweet, though — more acidy. I think passion vines grow in the US so if you are in a warm climate, you might try growing one. I bought the plant from a nursery and it did NOTHING for over a year. I thought of ripping it out, but it wasn’t dead. All of a sudden, it took off and became a pest — devouring every plant, flower, tree and clothesline within its grasp! I’ll post a picture so you can see what the vine looks like.

  2. Hello, my name is Maggie I have a huge plant of granadillas, I have two different kind of granadillas. Right now its at its best, very full of granadillas. There will be ready in about one or two months. Wouldn’t mind sharing them.

  3. I would like to find out more info about passion fruit or possibly pictures on uses of this type of tropical fruit.

  4. I have a granadilla vine that is really doing well BUT has not had fruit What is the problem I thought it had to have a male and female plants like Paw Paw Can anybody help Thanks

  5. any place in the states I can mail order them?

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