Obama Inauguration – Extraordinary!

The last few days, I’ve been glued to the TV set, wishing I were in freezing cold Washington, DC. Although I detest being cold, I would brave all the elements to be there at “this moment in time,” an unparalleled event in American history. As the US inaugurates an intelligent, truly exceptional man as president, people in the US and around the world are joining in the celebration. Seeing the enormous crowds of people gathering just so they can be present for the swearing in ceremony (viewed via jumbotron), it is thrilling to see the energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and joy being shared. Hope has become a tangible element.

Perhaps because I am so inundated with these positive images, a song I learned years ago came to mind as I was taking a very quick shower this morning. I suddenly realized these words were going through my head, words I’d sung in high school choir. How fitting for today!

The song (based on a poem my John Donne):
No man is an island
No man stands alone
Each man’s joy is joy to me
Each man’s grief is my own
We need one another
So I will defend
Each man as my brother
Each man as my friend.

Hopefully, this profound “oneness” and strong belief in “possiblity” being experienced today will be remembered, treasured and strengthened long after the last cluster of people has boarded the bus, train or metro to leave Washington, DC and return to their communities.

Go Obama. Yes we can. Yes we will. Yes WE ARE!


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