Costa Rica Weather

     Costa Rica’s weather alternates between the rainy (green) and the dry seasons.  The rainy season begins in earnest in May and ends in November.  Even though it might rain every day for a few days or weeks (often at exactly the same time every day!), it seems like the mornings always begin with sunshine and fresh breezes.  It does not rain every day during the rainy season and people go about their business as usual, but they may try to run errands in the morning.  Even if you get caught in a rain shower, the rain is not cold.  Rains can come quickly, flooding roads and causing traffic to slow down.  Soon the rain ends, the sun comes out and things return to normal.  Because of the number of microclimates, you can be riding in pouring rain and, suddenly, the rain will stop and you will be surrounded by sunshine! 

     In December, the “winds of Christmas” begin, days start getting warmer and the tourist season begins in earnest.  (However, as Costa Rica has become better known over the last several years, the tourist season now extends over most of the year.)

     Beach areas are much hotter and more humid than the Central Valley.  Don’t convince yourself that you are protected from the sun’s burning rays by sitting under an umbrella.  Reflected light can burn your skin within minutes.

     (Rain or shine, you’ll love the view of the Central Valley from this San Rafael home for sale.)



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