Horrible traffic!!!!!!!

I’ve just returned from an appointment in Santa Ana and am fed up with the traffic.  A drive that would take 15 minutes on a Sunday, took nearly two hours one way….. in the hot sun….. breathing diesel, gas and who-knows-what fumes the whole time.   While sitting in traffic with my fellow “prisoners” of the highway, I noticed all the construction going on – condos, office buildings and hotels – and I wondered how it will be possible to go anywhere once they are completed.  I can’t imagine working in this area and spending several hours a day in an idling car, especially with gas at nearly $5 a gallon.  On the way home from my appointment, I decided to take an alternate route on the autopista (a divided four lane highway).  For awhile I was humming along thinking it was great to go this way when, suddenly, traffic came to a halt and the highway was like a parking lot.  A friend called just then and I told him what was going on (he could hear all the rumbling trucks surrounding my car) and he did some checking and found out there was an accident several miles away on a connecting highway that was affecting traffic in all directions.  I finally got to a point where I could get off the autopista and go through Escazú (always bad traffic there, but it seemed like nothing compared to what I’d just escaped) and continue until I could get back on the pista in the opposite direction.  After one hour of driving (sitting in a car, really) I was back where I started – at the point where I had decided to take the pista because it would be faster.  Incredible.   I’m so glad I live in an area that is free from all this grief!  (Living in Atenas, you can avoid all the congestion of the city and breathe clean, fresh air


One response to “Horrible traffic!!!!!!!

  1. Hello, I think that you are very right about Costa Rica, it can be a very nice country in terms of nature, and wildlife (including its inhabitants). But on the other side, in terms of human development, on the whole its not a big deal. Of course it has some of the best education, economy, equalty, and many other aspects in Latin America. But still, compared to the western world, its lacking a lot still.

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