CowParade in San José – a moooooving experience (couldn’t resist saying that – groan)

Chow time -- pork, please!  COWman Miranda?  Hope  Pasture camoflauge?  May I have this dance?  
Following in the footsteps (hoof prints?) of 57 other cities around the world, San José now features more than 100 large fiberglass cows in the heart of the city.  Cows standing on their hind legs, happily grazing or lying down depict humorous as well as serious themes in various locations downtown.  The cows first made their appearance in March and since then have attracted a great deal of attention, especially with children.  The bovine beauties will move on to greener pastures in August when they are auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds given to charity.  (Large scale lawn art, anyone?)  CowParade began in Zurich and Chicago quickly followed suit (in honor of Mrs. O’ Leary’s cow?).  Costa Rica’s CowParade is the first in Central America and is well worth a leisurely stroll in the parks in San José.  Bring the kids!  (This land with 2 homes in Dota has plenty of room for cows, horses, dogs, goats, ducks, chickens and YOU!)  

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