A different kind of traffic jam

Horse traffic
While driving on the road from Santa Barbara to San Joaquín yesterday afternoon, traffic suddenly ground to a crawl – there were horses everywhere and they were oblivious to the cars sharing the road with them.  Occasionally, they would go to the side of the road so cars could pass by in one direction.  As my car was creeping along, a horse passed on the right hand side – rather startling!  Costa Rican horses are smaller than those commonly seen in the US and they prance and throw their legs out as they high step.  Watching them from the rear was interesting and comical – their legs don’t go straight up and down and look like they are flailing … from the rear perspective.  It seems that the horses go through a lot of unnecessary motions to get where they are going, but that’s the style here.  One of the horses – probably a donkey – in the “parade” was about waist high and being ridden by a woman whose feet nearly touched the ground.  It had no problem keeping up with the others, but it didn’t prance like them.  Passing by the main church in San Joaquín I saw a large number (hundreds) of horses, riders and spectators.  I don’t know what the event was and I was tempted to park and take some photos, but it was HOT and I wanted to get home.  Now, I wish I’d have stopped, of course.  These “surprises” are what makes Costa Rica fun and interesting.  (If you’re a horse person and looking for a ranch of your own, check out this property in San Rafael, Heredia.)
Passing on the right


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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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