Microclimates, pelo de gato and more

People often ask “Where’s the best place to live in Costa Rica?”  That depends on what you like.  Do you like hot, humid weather?  Cool, rainy weather?  Warm, dry weather?  Do you enjoy the occasional pelo de gato (light rain – almost like mist – accompanied by sunshine and bits of rainbows)?  Are breezes more to your liking?  Costa Rica has all of these weather conditions and more, thanks to its microclimates!  Your surroundings can change dramatically within minutes depending on the elevation, mountain proximity, vegetation, coastal breeze patterns, season (dry or wet), etc.  You can go from sitting outside enjoying cool breezes in the Central Valley to running for shade at a hot, humid beach within a couple hours.  You can be dressed comfortably in a sweatshirt watching heavy rainfall in the mountains above Heredia at the same time that someone in Heredia may be experiencing light rain and someone else in Alajuela can be walking around in bright sunshine in shorts and shirtsleeves peering up at the rainbows over the mountains.  And these areas are mere kilometers apart!  When I lived in Minnesota, we used to say that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.  There, temperatures could swing 40-60° in one day.  You could go into a shopping center in the morning with the sun shining brightly overhead only to emerge 4-5 hours later and be greeted by 6 inches of snow on the ground and be blinded by blustery winds that brought tears to your eyes and made your nose run.  I’ll take Costa Rica’s swings over Minnesota’s any day.  For me, the best place to live is in a lower region of the Central Valley; I love it.  You’ll have to decide the best place for you – have fun exploring all the options.  (If you like cool, mountain living with a view, check out this home.)


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