Yes, YOU can make a difference!

Those of us who have seen photos in newspapers, watched documentaries on television or traveled to parts of the world where there is abject poverty, no doubt, have been haunted by the images and moved to want to help, but have had no idea how to do so.  We may have donated clothing through various charities in the hope that someone in need will receive it.  While this is worthwhile, there is another way we can “make a difference” in a more direct manner and with more far-reaching results.  This is through MICRO-FINANCING.  Micro-financing provides small loans to individuals in developing nations, helping to put them on the path to economic independence. is a clearing house for these “entrepreneurs” and makes it so easy for us to help.  Kiva presents profiles of the hopeful borrowers and the reasons for their requests – often to begin or expand their home businesses.  Borrowers and their requests are screened, payment plans are established and loans are processed through existing, proven micro-finance institutions.  Loans to various individuals and their projects can be made in amounts as small as $25!!!  How quickly we run through $25 without pause.  Here, our $25 can make a difference in someone’s life.  Loans are made with a credit card via paypal and as the money is repaid, it is returned to your paypal account.  The repayment rate is 99.86% on over $21,000,000 of loans – a return any bank would love.  For more information and endorsements, check out  I hope you will join me in changing lives on a global level without ever leaving home!  (I am not affiliated with kiva in any way except as an investor.)


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