The invasion of the ants – not a pretty picture!

The ants go marching one by one
At certain times of the year different insects make their appearance … uninvited.  There seems to be a season for gray slug-like looking creatures that slowly climb the walls and sit there.  Harmless, as far as I can tell.  Recently, the season began when large, light brown ants appear at night climbing on the walls.  A fly swatter takes care of the obvious ones, but they aren’t the problem.  The ones you don’t see, the ones lurking out of sight, DO present a problem, however.  Today I planned to make a photocopy, but when I lifted the copier’s lid, I was immediately repulsed.  Inside the copier were ants scurrying everywhere amidst their rice like eggs.  GROSS!  This is not the first invasion I’ve experienced.  A few years ago, the same kind of ants made a nest in the printer.  I didn’t realize it until I printed something and little black ant shapes showed up on the pages.  Cringing and saying, “Yuck” over and over, I cleaned them out and the printer continued to print (until it ran out of ink, of course).  Not long after this unpleasant run-in, I was awakened one night at 4:00 AM to the radio blasting away in another bedroom, scaring me half out of my wits.  Another ant invasion!   I managed to take apart the radio, clean out the nest and get it to work again, except for the volume control.  A third invasion that year involved the microwave.  Ants crawled inside the walls and ran and hid the minute the door was opened, making them very hard to catch.  (A word of advice/caution: the smell of bug spray lingers for months inside a microwave.)  As for today’s ants, I squeezed the photocopier into a plastic garbage bag, took it outside, sprayed bug spray into it and then sealed the end well with tape.  Hopefully, the ants will die of suffocation or as a result of the bug spray.  I’ll give it a few days before checking.  Then I’ll have to take apart the copier and hope that all the ants and their fuzzy nests can be cleaned out and that the copier will work again.  Wish me luck.


4 responses to “The invasion of the ants – not a pretty picture!

  1. Ooohhh….Camponotus atriceps! A very pretty species.

  2. We have had the same problem today. We are in Queensland Australia

  3. this just gives me the uncontrollable urge to slap and claw all over… i HATE ants!!!

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