Happy Thanksgiving – today and every day!

Today is a day when families and friends in the United States gather for a dinner of turkey, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and more (the “more” depending on each family’s traditions and recipes passed down from generation to generation).  In the U.S., today was set aside in the early years of the country’s founding as a time for sharing and reflecting on the bounty realized in the “new world.”  From the humble first Thanksgiving until today, this “world” has changed and more bounty and riches – tangible and intangible – are enjoyed than the country’s forefathers ever imagined.  Do we recognize and are we grateful for our good fortune?  We have only to look at the evening news to be inundated with stories of suffering, starvation, illness, war and death in all parts of the world.  If we have a roof over our head, a bed, food, a job, friends, family, health or clothes on our back, we have something that many do not and something for which to be grateful.  If you are reading this on a laptop traveling somewhere, at your home on a PC, in an internet café, at a friend’s home or even in a hospital bed, you have something for which to be grateful your vision, the ability to read and comprehend, etc.  Christmas (or holiday) cards and carols exhort us to carry the season’s spirit throughout the year.  Couldn’t we also carry the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the year?  It may seem trite, but today and every day we are well-advised to “count our blessings.” We are fortunate, indeed.  1… 2…


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