A trip down Memory Lane for music lovers

If you are in your late thirties (aren’t we all 39, like Jack Benny?), this site is guaranteed to give you “flashbacks” of your younger days.  Maybe you danced to Wonderland by Night in a sweaty high school gym following a basketball game.  Or sunbathed in your back yard (at a beach, if you were lucky) singing along with the Mamas and Papas to California Dreamin’, Dedicated to the One I Love and Monday, Monday.  Or maybe you and your buddies rode around in an old “clunker” with a dollar’s worth of 29 cents a gallon gas in the tank shouting 96 Tears or
Surf City.  Not a care in the world!  Do Duke of Earl, Woolie Bully and Mashed Potatoes ring a bell?  The Platters? Connie Frances?  Johnny Mathis?  Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs?  Maybe you were a carhop at the local drive-in restaurant hang-out where your friends “cruised” in and out, their car radios blasting The Mountains High, Sherry Baby, Venus, Blue Velvet, Hats off to Larry or Poison Ivy.  Did you splash on Tabú, Emeraude, Aqua Velva or Old Spice while Crying with Roy Orbison?  Ah, those painful, joyful adolescent years where a pimple could “destroy” your social life or the wait for a phone call from your latest heartthrob could take FOREVER!  To take a trip back in time to your teen years – those moments that flipped from bliss to abyss in a flash – just go to this site.  Once you select a year and a song, you can sit back and relive the days with Peggy Sue, Mary Lou and Charlie Brown.  Songs cycle, so you’ll be entertained for hours.     http://www.tropicalglen.com/


2 responses to “A trip down Memory Lane for music lovers

  1. oldies the best goodies

  2. down memory lane, the best oldies

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