The big chill – baby, it’s cold outside!

Let’s dismiss with the comment “You’re from Minnesota.  You should be used to the cold.”  That’s why I’m FROM Minnesota!  The last few days have been nasty, to say the least.  Cold.  Damp.  Sometimes windy.  On and off rainy.  Gripe (gree-pay)(cold/flu) is getting a good grip on nearly everyone.  Yesterday, I had on sox, shoes, sweatpants, an undershirt, a double layered fleece top and a fleece vest zipped up to the throat … and never warmed up.  Today I added a scarf to the attractive ensemble and that seemed to do the trick.  Whew.  The next item of apparel to go on my body would have been a hat or head scarf.  Everyone I know is complaining about the cold and hunting for jackets, turtlenecks and warm sweaters (no doubt enhanced with musty smells from the rainy season we’ve just endured).  Apparently, we have all become like delicate hothouse plants since the temperature has only gotten down to 61 degrees!!!  Pretty soon we’ll all be complaining about the heat.  Never satisfied! (This home‘s fireplace will take the chill off.)


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