Duct tape – first aid for plantar warts

At the risk of losing all credibility as a reasonable, sane adult, I submit the following.  By definition, plantar warts occur on the soles of feet.  They cause pain when weight is put on them, especially when someone walks.  Well, that’s the traditional version.  I have had plantar warts on my thumb for over two years.  Imagine trying to open a pill bottle where you have to line up the arrow on the bottle with the arrow on the lid and then push.  The exact spot where I needed to push with my thumb is where the warts were located.  Ouch!  It is embarrassing to write about this (I bathe regularly – really!), but I’m so amazed that I finally found a cure for the warts that I thought it was my obligation to fellow sufferers and modern science to toss this mortification aside and pass along a cure.  Yes, CURE.  After going through two bottles of chemicals designed to gradually burn out the warts (wonder what damage those chemicals did to organs as they were absorbed) and two cans of spray that froze the warts (“Doctor-proven method”), I finally resorted to buying a roll of duct tape.  I figured if it didn’t work for the warts, I could still use the tape.  For about three months, I placed tape over the warts.  When showering, I would remove the tape and file the warts a little with a pumice stone.  Almost immediately, I started to see results.  I thought I was imagining things.  Little black dots would appear and within a few days, they would be gone.  It was as if the warts were being drawn out by the tape, even those buried deeply within the thumb and not initially visible.  Now, my fingerprint has returned to normal (what would have happened if I’d needed to prove who I was by comparing a “warted” thumbprint with a print on file with the government?).  I can open a pill bottle without pain.  There are no telltale “dots.”  Incredible.  Do you suppose duct tape can remove wrinkles, age spots, etc.?  Hmmm.  I might be on to something.


3 responses to “Duct tape – first aid for plantar warts

  1. I have a terrible wart on the side of ma trigger finger. Now I desperately need to take care of this horrid little beast. I tried a good number of treatment options however none of them successfully eliminated the wart. Perhaps a few of the means mentioned by you indeed kill of the wart.

  2. Thank you for this post!! Since a child I have had some sort of wort, on my fingers, hands or back of knees. BUT this wart is different!! Finally someone told me it was a planters wart but it smack dab in the middle of my thumb!! It HURTS!!! And is UGLY!!! I have been using these band-aids that have medicine in them but now I have a HUGE WHITE circle on my thumb with a HOLE in the middle.
    I am going to try to use the duct tape and see what happens……anything can be better than this!!

  3. I agree! Duct tape method worked for me after trying many other methods. It really was effective and I was able to get rid of my warts. It is one of the best practical remedies for warts.

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