Referendum day – October 7, 2007

Sample ballot for referendum
Costa Rica
residents will go to the polls on October 7th to vote to accept or reject a bilateral free trade agreement with the United States.  (Unlike general elections, alcohol WILL be sold the weekend of the referendum.)  In the US, the treaty’s acronym is CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) and in Costa Rica it is referred to as the TLC (Tratado de Libre Comercio).  Proponents and opponents in Costa Rica have been actively voicing their sentiments in a number of demonstrations and protests and in painting colorful graffiti in public places.  University students and employees of government institutions (monopolies such as ICE, the phone company and INS, the country’s insurance provider) have been most vehement in their displeasure with the TLC.   Although the agreement has been touted by President Oscar Arias’ as being beneficial to Costa Rica, he has had his detractors in the legislature and they have prevented him from getting the necessary approval.  Even if the referendum passes, the legislature must pass laws related to the agreement before anything can be signed with the US.  


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