Costa Rica Health Care – Smoke gets in your EARS

Have you ever tried lighting a cigarette with it placed in your ear? I haven’t, but many ticos have done just that. This is a common folk remedy performed when someone is having trouble with their hearing, experiencing pain in their ears or feeling something isn’t quite right with their ears/hearing. This “treatment” is intended to remove air that has accumulated in the ear canal and is creating a problem.  (I’m just reporting what I’ve been told. I didn’t know air got into your ears. I’ve only had a problem with water getting in mine. Also, a bug one time, but that’s another story.) The cigarette treatment: Place an unlit cigarette in the ear with the filter in the ear. Hold a match to the cigarette. The claim is that the air in the ear will light the cigarette and the offending air will be sucked out by the cigarette. The newspaper treatment: Roll a newspaper into a tube and place one end in the ear. Light the other end with a match. A cautionary note: Be sure the paper is long enough so your hair won’t ignite.  Try at your own risk.


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