A death knell for the ubiquitous fly?


During a drive in the country yesterday afternoon, my companion stopped the car and we got out so he could point out a plant he called “matamosca.”  The plant was growing along a fence and looked just like any other leafy vine until you got up close and could spy the flowers (poor choice of words if you think of flowers as being attractive and having a nice smell).  The “business” part of the plant – its flower – was well camouflaged among the leaves.  Lurking.  Waiting.  The flower resembled a large, open shell.  When a foolhardy unsuspecting fly enters the cavity of the shell, the flower closes and the fly is consumed by the plant.  No messy swatter or wild chase to relieve the earth of one more despicable bacteria-laden winged insect!  As we drove away, I wondered why restaurants, open markets, home owners, you name it, don’t have these vines twining around doorways, windows, over fences, and anywhere the vines can grow!  (No flies will bother you in this house!)


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