Danger on the high wire

Human spider

Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful scene, such as a sunset or a landscape, and thought you had captured the beauty of the moment, only to find out later when you loaded your pictures on the computer or made prints that a network of wires had marred the beauty of the scene as you remember it?  Wires, wires, wires – everywhere!  Recently, a phone repairman was out climbing a pole in the neighborhood and he appeared to be caught in a spider’s web of wires.  How does he know which wire to work on and how does he know which one to avoid – the one that would deliver a jolt to him and send him into the middle of next week?  Unfortunately, many thieves who find stealing wires to be lucrative do not know the difference between live wires and safe wires and end up being electrocuted.  Maybe someday lines will be buried, improving the landscape and reducing the number of accidents and deaths of those with criminal intent.  That will create a new problem, however.  How will people be able to piggyback on their neighbor’s wires when wires are underground?  (No wires spoiling the view on this property.)


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