Rain, rain, go away

Mornings are filled with glorious sunshine and renewed hope for a beautiful day.  Around 10:00 AM, the mountains in the distance look clouded over.  By noon, the sky has turned gray and by 3:00 PM, the thunder is rumbling and crashing, the lightning is flashing in staccato bolts and the rain is pounding on the metal roof like a thousand snare drums.  Raging rivers of water rush down the street and up the sidewalk.  Debris floats and bobs in the turbulent water.  All phone calls and television shows must be postponed until the rains stop and the deafening roar diminishes.  Clothes hung on the line become saturated … again.  Powerful winds force water under doors and roof tiles, creating slippery puddles on ceramic floors and dangerous footing for unsuspecting feet.  Pets hide under beds.  Enough!  Couldn’t we have a gentle rain, for a change?  (Here’s an escape from the rain.)


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