Bonkers-making banks — PART ONE

Today I went to Banco Costa Rica to deposit a check. After waiting in line 20-30 minutes, I was informed that the bank couldn’t accept the check because it was much larger than any deposit I’d made in the last six months. Since I quit my job six months ago and have received no pay check since, I guess they’re right – I’ve only been making withdrawals! But why should that stop the bank from accepting the check? They could see I needed it! The manager suggested I take the check to the bank on which it was written and have that bank send the money to my bank via a country-wide internal system. There would be a small fee for the transaction, perhaps $15.00. The manager helpfully printed out the account number the other bank would need to make the transfer. I decided to see if I’d have better luck at Banco Nacional, the other bank where I have an account (and the only other bank in the town in which I live). After waiting another 20-30 minutes in line, I was told they would not accept a check for over a certain amount, which this check was. The only alternative was to drive to a town where there was a bank on which the check was written and have them transfer it to the account in Banco Costa Rica. Not so fast! To be continued……………..


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