A trip to Costa Rica as a tax write-off?

Kiplinger reports that visiting Costa Rica and basking in its sunshine, strolling on its beaches and hiking and picnicking in its mountains can be blissfully enjoyed with Uncle Sam’s blessing. According to a ruling (made regarding Bermuda and affecting Costa Rica), business conventions or conferences may be held at your favorite Costa Rica volcano without having to demonstrate or justify to the IRS that it was a necessity for the meeting to be held there. Not a bad deal!

In addition to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Honduras, Saint Lucia, Tobago and Trinidad also qualify for this special privilege. Meetings conducted in Mexico, Canada and U. S. possessions also enjoy the same tax advantages, but wouldn’t you rather come to Costa Rica?

Keep in mind that if your next business meeting is held in Stockholm, Paris or Rome, you better have a very good reason for having it there or you won’t get any deduction. You might as well go to Alpha, Minnesota, and save yourself some money.

So why not come to Costa Rica! You can discuss profit/loss statements or marketing trends while soaking in a hot spring near Arenal or drinking a cool beverage under a leafy palm canopy at Tamarindo just as easily as poring over numbers in a stuffy office, can’t you?


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