Rainy season is here

Several days of rain, but very sunny mornings. The grass is coming back and the plants are beginning to grow like weeds again. Who would ever think they’d be complaining of flowers becoming a nuisance and needing to be trimmed (scalped is more like it)? It happens here! When it rains in the afternoon, some main streets are lower than their side streets so they fill up quickly as the side streets drain. You begin to wonder if you shouldn’t have packed a life boat as the water in the main road rises and large, tumbling objects in the rushing water head straight for your car (or your bare legs if you are walking). Just as quickly as the “flooding” begins, it disappears, the sun comes out and the sky fills with rainbows. Mother Nature has a heyday in Costa Rica.


One response to “Rainy season is here

  1. It sure changes everything when it begins to rain. At some time that seems predetermined, everyone starts carrying umbrellas. The mornings are glorious with birds singing from VERY early and the sounds of town coming to life. As I reluctantly get out of bed, I open the curtains to the patio garden and marvel at how green it has become in such a short time. The lawn needs attention about every 5 days as it grows so fast. The vines growing on the fence seem to grow a foot overnight after a big rain. Got gardening to get done!

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